Lessons learned from previous and ongoing Capacity Development activities are incorporated in this project. An effective Capacity Development activity for improved utility performance (for RVWSB and DAWASCO) needs to:

  • address both the individual and organizational level
  • be demand­ responsive
  • be action ­oriented
  • be output­ focused
  • address itself, in an integrated manner at technical, managerial and governance levels in an organization
  • consider both in­sourcing and out­sourcing of (parts of) primary and supporting business processes
  • promote a culture of continuous reflection and learning
  • employ an optimum mix of various Capacity Development methodologies including among others training, apprenticeships, peer learning, demonstration, exposure visits, learning­by­doing, - networking, change management, technical assistance and dialogue
  • encompass, where necessary, enhanced or new policies, organizational structures, business processes and systems, instruments and tools, and incentive systems

In addition, effective capacity development for improved capacity building needs to (for NWSC and AfWA):

  • develop dedicated systems for managing the Capacity Development   function (especially quality control)
  • develop a qualified team of Capacity Development facilitators/trainers
  • develop a set of peer­reviewed Capacity Development materials
  • develop document Capacity Development experiences