CAPIWUA brings together nine partners to build and develop capacity in the ACP water and sanitation sector. The partnership aims at North-South, South -South and South-North cooperation and learning. The partnership brings together water operators, water sector capacity builders and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with local knowledge and experience in governance, management, change processes and knowledge transfer. Together, these partners aim at improving the operational performance of three East African utilities DAWASCO in Tanzania, RVWSB in Kenya and strengthen capacity development skills of one leading utility NWSC, Uganda and the African Water Association.

The thematic areas of the action are:

1.     governance and management [link to theme?]

2.     revenue enhancement [link to theme?]

3.     services provision to the poor [link to theme?]

Through its regional visibility that will be brought about by specific project activities, and through the enhanced capacity building activities by NWSC and AfWA, the action is expected to have benefits in the East African region and elsewhere in Africa, in terms of influencing national policy, related strategies and capacity building activities in the three thematic areas.

The relevance of the action was ensured by its formulation in response to the needs and constraints of the concerned water and sanitation providers that took into account specific country developments and identified challenges that were common to all beneficiary partners (good governance, efficient management, enhanced financial sustainability, increase access to water and sanitation services by the poor).

The project runs for 5 years and is implemented in different phases starting in 2012. For more details on the tasks planned or already accomplished see Workplan/Agenda [link to Workplan/Agenda?]

List of partners:

Proponent: UNESCO-IHE (The Netherlands)
Beneficiary partners:

  • NWSC (Uganda)
  • RVWSB (Kenya)
  • DAWASCO (Tanzania)
  • African Water Association

Supporting partners: 

  • International Water Association
  • Waternet (The Netherlands)
  • WaterAid (Tanzania)
  • SANA (Kenya)

Project: Capacity Development for Performance Improvement of Water Utilities in Urban Centres in East Africa

Sponsors: ACP-EU Water Facility

Funding: 996.990 EUR

Partner contributions: 617.596 EUR


Preparatory phase (2012-2013): [link to references when available?]

  • Inquiry/Articulation/Validation of demand by the beneficiary partners; Development of demand-responsive project workplan;Development of CD approach, methodologies and materials; Training of NWSC staff for CD activities; Initial CD; Action Planning for further CD & target setting;

Implementation phase (2013-2016):

  • Implementation of CD and demonstration-scale investments; Analysis of intermediate on-the-ground results and improved performance in demonstration areas; Preparation of initial dissemination materials; Initial dissemination; Start of upscaling; Regular review, coaching and adjustment of CD;

Concluding phase (2016-2017):

  • Analysis of end-of-project results: improved performance in demonstration units, evidence of upscaling initiatives in other areas, capacity enhancement of RVWSB and DAWASCO, increased strength in capacity development of NWSC and AfWA, learnings by UNESCO-IHE, IWA, Waternet and the local NGOs;
  • Preparation of end-of-project materials.

Parallel activities will include Project coordination, Knowledge management and Documentation. In addition, one kick-off, three annual and one concluding Workshops will be organized for all partners.